Friday, July 28, 2017

Real Life Evil A True Crime Quickie Book One (ADULT AUDIO)

This is a audiobook for true crime book lovers that don't have the time to listen or read a full length book.  This first book centers on two stories, the first being, "Hiding in Plain Sight" that focuses serial killer Jack Unterweger and his most dangerous but clever, simplistic methodology to lure and kill his prey.  The second, "A Message From the Grave", still haunts Long Island New York, it is the Gilgo Beach murders in which they still to this day have not caught the person responsible.  Both stories are told very well and  with the right amount of detail, book narrator Jason Fella keeps it professional but pleasing with a wonderful voice for these stories there is a creep factor but one that is supposed to be there not one that is added to spook you.  The crime scene details and other technical aspects are explained well so everyone can understand.  This is really a outstanding quick book for the true crime lover in your life.

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