Monday, July 24, 2017

Marcus A Death Knocks Story (YA AUDIO)

This is a awesome novella on the back story of Marcus and what happened during that blank time when he became a BEK (black eyed kid), even though his turning did not exactly go as planned, and now he still doesn't want to be BEK and is resisting.  Despite the urges Marcus, with Astid there to help, isn't going to bend to Level Six's will and be what he knows he is not.  But he will use some of his new found abilities for good, like scaring his little brother and his friends into not using drugs. 
This was a really good back story, and you got to learn a lot about Marcus, his dreams and what he was really like, not just what he portrayed on the outside and that was special.  Jeff Simpson the audiobook narrator does a awesome Marcus and that made this book the much special.  This novella still had the action and suspense that you are used to from this series so no worries, the BEK's never disappoint.

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