Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Traveler (ADULT AUDIO)

This is a story of a daughters love for her father and the fact that it is so strong it can transcend time.  It isn’t exactly a sad sorry at all, but a very powerful and uplifting story as her (Tee a 12 year girl) father left her a project (they worked closely together in his blacksmith forge as Tee was his apprentice) to get her through the rough part of his death.  It was as if he knew he was going to die, but how?  Like I said a very powerful and uplifting story of a love stronger than most.  Even though this is actually a short story it packs quite a punch in its small size, it is well worth every page, Thank you Stefan Bolz and your most awesome narrator Arden Hammersmith for bringing this story alive for me it truly was the best hour spent in a very long time, thank you again.

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