Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Light of Reason The seekers Book 3 (YA AUDIO)

Orah and Nathaniel are back from their travel in hopes of bringing new and better things but what they find is chaos.  They hoped to bring a great light what they instead brought was darkness and war, but what can they do, and how can their new tech help them to avoid the bloodshed?
This is a wonderful series it can be fun in so many ways but also deep and make you think, and narrator Erin deWard plays the different parts so well you will find yourself lost in their world. There is a lot of action, and suspense for sure.  But three young adults who will lead their world into peace or war, depending on how things work out but are ready for each, as I teen I was ready to go to war but I never had to make the decision to send people to war and I know I could not have made that decision.  But in their world they have already seen and endured so much, it is a story not to be missed.

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