Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mass Hysteria (ADULT)

After a meteor shower one summer night all seems well, that is until the next day... Planes fall from the sky, dogs and cats attack their owners, bird come from the sky to peck beach goers to death, the world is going vial, and will the people be next?  No one knows what is going on.
This story is not for the faint of heart, but if you  like good old fashion horror with a updated twist, than Falls Breath is the town for you.  This little beach, touristy town is now a lawless everything for itself spot on the map, what they don't know is if it is this way everywhere else in the USA.  With all the communication and most of the transportation knocked out it doesn't look like they will find out either.  It leaves every person for themselves and that gets messy.
This action packed, suspenseful book will leave you surprised more than once, and that will keep you on your toes, no figuring out the ending in this book, so just read and enjoy.  It is a lot of fun, I wonder if there will be more to see what happens later, or if this was it, either or it was still awesome. 

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