Monday, August 28, 2017

Girls Who Code: The Friendship Code (MG)

Lucy has joined the coding club at school so she can learn to build a app for her uncle who has cancer remember when to take his meds and which ones to take at certain times.  But the club is moving to slow, she asked, begged, everyone she knows to help her learn faster, but everyone tells her the same thing, this is something you can not rush you need to learning it in steps and be meticulous.  But then strange noted start showing up on Lucy's locker and in order to follow the direction she has to have the help of those around her, that means making new friends and reuniting with older ones, and finding strength she didn't know she had, not to mention finding help in hidden places. 
This was a awesome  book for introduction to coding, but there are different types of coding and while the foundation is solid it would be nice to know somewhere what language this is they are teaching.  But I loved how the friendship came together over code and how they found to one important thing that really needed to be tackled and that is what they started to do at the end.  But the clues along the way to teach the foundation and the awesome way they found to root out the mysterious note leaver was awesome this is such a cool book, and if you ask any one I am always a sucker for computer coding books anyways but this one is awesome I can't wait to see what  the friend get up to next.

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