Sunday, September 3, 2017

Deliver Us From Evil Demons Beware Part II (ADULT)

The Devil has recruited a hitman to do his bidding, and he is after those who help the people the Devil uses, the ones he possesses, Priests, and not just any Priests, but the few that can do exorcisms.  But out of all of the priests and people the Devil has his eyes on the one that got away, Tony.  Tony while working as a mechanic and trying desperately to be admitted into the priesthood  despite numerous rejections keeps trying, knowing that someday he can help his brother Billy and his friend James fight demons and the Devil, like the one that possessed him as a child.
This was an action packed from start to finish, roller coaster type book with all the twists and turns, but so good.  You will stay up past your bedtime because you won't want to put it down, it is one of those books where you say to yourself one more chapter to see what happens to (fill in the blank), for many more chapters.  A awesome sequel to Demons Beware and well worth it, it will not disappoint.

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