Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mari's Hope (MG)

This is the final chapter in this part or Mari's story, of a childhood that wasn't a childhood at all.  The first two books in this trilogy are Odin's Promise and Bjorn's Gift.  The three books follow Mari through the German occupation of Norway, a story not often told but just as horrific at times and powerful as well.  Mari's family is strong in the resistance and Mari is also a respected Doctors helper in their small village, which also helps her to be able to move around when others can't, like after curfew.  However, she is always worried about the soldiers living in their house snooping and her old friend from school whos family now support the Germans.  Are extra food rations that important?  But is everything always as it seems?
This was a very powerful series, and a story not often told but just as important in history as any other.  It is told in a exciting but very real way, it does not glamorize war but doesn't scare and totally traumatize children either.  There is plenty of action, a lot of hold on to your seat suspense, and just a few (ha ha) twists and turns to keep you on your toes.  But all in all it is a really awesome historical fiction book that I think any one would, young and older, great reader or reluctant (might need help with the Norwegian, but heck don't most of us), love to read.

Sandy Brehl is the award-winning author of a Norway historical trilogy for ages ten-thru-adult. (ODIN’S PROMISE, BJORN’S GIFT, and MARI’S HOPE) She also writes a blog about picture books ( and contributes to a blog about historical works from middle grade readers ( She’s an active member and volunteer with SCBWI-Wisconsin. Sandy writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for young readers of any age. A retired educator living in the Milwaukee area, Sandy offers programs for schools, libraries, and adult groups. Learn more at, follow on Twitter @SandyBrehl and @PBWorkshop, and on Facebook: Sandy Brehl Author. 

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  1. Trisha, thank you so much for such a strong review. (Happy to know the occasional humor worked for you!)
    Thank you even more for being such an avid supporter of this and the previous books in the trilogy. The kid lit and blogger world is filled with big-hearted folks, and you have one of the biggest hearts of them all. Tusen takk!