Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bjorn's Gift (MG)

This sequel to Odin's Promise, is set in Norway during World War 2.  Mari, a young woman, is still working to find herself, and her courage, in this new world she has found herself in, as even more Nazi's have come to live in her village and have even taken over her home and school.  This has made it much harder for the resistance fighters in her area, one of which is her big brother Bjorn.  But Mari will be strong, and brave just like Bjorn told her she could. 
This is a awesome historical fiction book that is a part of WWII you don't hear much about.  It is nice to hear a different part of this time in our history, and from a different point of view not often voiced.  This book is chalked full of action and suspense, so there is something for everyone and you will learn a lot without knowing it.  The story flows wonderfully and the characters are all well rounded and believable.  They show real emotion and are just awesome and brave people. 

Mari, Odin and Bjorn would be so proud of you.

Sandy Brehl is a retired educator and active member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). When she’s not reading and writing, she enjoys gardening. She lives in the Milwaukee area and invites you to visit her website ( to learn more about ODIN’S PROMISE and BJORN’S GIFT. Sign up for quarterly newsletters to stay informed about future releases (including MARI’S HOPE), and special events and offers.

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