Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pathosis (ADULT AUDIO)

Kala, typical high school sophomore girl by day, awesome closet scientist, and loving big sister by night.  But it is what happens to their city that changes everything.
This is not exactly a zombie book, but it is one of the best plague type books I have read, well listened too.  I loved the side story that explained how the virus got to Florida in the first place, that was really cool, especially since I don't live there.  It also really liked the how the story shows how the virus spreads and the only way to stop it as of that time.  The book was very precise without the reader knowing it, no facts and figures but still precise.
I had the audio version narrated by Melanie Ewbank and she does a awesome job.  There was one spot I knew it was coming because I actually did the books backwards, but she was so good with her voices and the emotions she puts into them she had me crying.  Ms. Ewbank is just a awesome narrator and this is just a awesome book.


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