Thursday, October 27, 2016

Locker Nine (AUDIO ADULT)

Grace Hardwick's college life has changed when her school and other parts of the US are attacked.  She gets a call through to her dad, Robert, who writes books about the apocalypse and prepping, he reminds her to use the key he gave her, Grace is confused but he just says use the key before being cut off.  Once she follows the coordinates on the key and finds a fully stocked storage locker, locker number nine, of everything she will need to get home.  This is the story of that trek home.
This is a exciting, action packed, suspense filled book.  I really enjoyed it and think it would be really cool to have a dad like Grace's.  You also get some glimpses into Grace's childhood which is really insightful and awesome.  I had the audio version narrated by Kevin Pierce who did such a awesome job on this book I can't wait for more.  Mr. Pierce really ahs a way with bringing these characters to life and giving you someone to root for in these tough times.


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