Saturday, September 9, 2017

Beginnings The Pandemic Series Book One (ADULT AUDIO)

Makenzie Hagan a doctor with the CDC, Nathan Hunter a officer with a special unit of the DOD, keep crossing paths until a spark flies, actually more than one spark, but they finally figure out they are working on the same case but in different ways.  It seems her outbreak and his terrorist are linked but now the race is on to save the worlds population, and their selves. 
This is a awesome book that is very entertaining but can also make you think if you are so inclined, and if you do will you still do the same things you have always done?  Do you still shake hands, take your neighbors soup when they are sick with the flu, or even wipe your kids nose?  Do you start stock piling water and food in a shelter, or just take things as they come?  This book is well researched, action packed, and suspenseful right up until the end where you can't help but rush for the next to see what happens. 
I had the audio version with narrators John David Ferrell and Kris Adams who tag teamed the male and female roles and brought the book alive, they were great, they made you part of the team like you were there with the guys helping them, providing cover, running tests, doing what needs to be done.  And it was these fine narrators teamed with a really good author that made that possible.

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