Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Lost Causes (YA)

I stumbled upon this book and just had to read it feeling like a lost cause most of my teen years myself, and the book did not disappoint, it was great!  Five teens all with different problem, all had been given up on by parents and various other adults in their lives, until the FBI needed them.  These five were needed because they wouldn't be missed while helping look for a killer, one that would kill a FBI agent, oh did I mention the teens would have help a special drug to help their minds develop their psychic abilities, whatever they be.
I absolutely loved this book it was imaginative, action packed, and suspenseful.  The characters were so different but fit together so well in this tight nit group with there being only the one thing in common.  Even the complex puzzle of the killer was well hidden from the reader until the very end.  I liked this book a lot and hope there is another as I would like to see more of the team and find out what happens next, do The Lost Causes ever get found?

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