Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sparks of Light (YA)

A riveting sequel to Into the Dim, Sparks of Light brings back the whole gang and after learning of plans to steal a time traveling device  from 1800's New York, off they go on their own adventure to get it  first and save the timeline from utter chaos.  And who better than the renown scientist Nikola Tesla to have discovered it and built it, with some very bad help.  Will to love conquer all or will death reign in this arena to see who gets the device first?
This is another awesome book filled  with action, history, science, more action, twist and turns you won't see coming, a little romance (but not a lot), and even more action that does not stop.  I loved this book it really keeps you on your toes, every bit of it is a cliffhanger, you never want to put it  down because you just want to see what is going to happen next.  I took a while for this book to come out but it surely will not disappoint. 

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