Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Dark Net (ADULT)

The dark net is a place for people to go to stay anonymous and still do their illegal and illicit deeds on a far corner of the web, a spot so deep you can't be traced or found, but now there are even shadier creatures lurking there, literally.  There is a small group that stands in their way of dominating present day Portland, fifteen year old Hannah, her Aunt Lela, Juniper, and Derek, in a very real struggle for the dark and the light.
When I first read about the book I thought it was all computers, I have to tell you right now it is not.  So if you are not the tech savvy, all computer, code in the book, kind of lover, than you will love this book.  This book is more about the fight between the light and the dark, a age old tale with a very new spin on it and that is fresh.  I really enjoyed this book with the strong characters and thought out plot, it keeps you wanting to read on well past your bedtime. 

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