Friday, August 12, 2016

This is me (ADULT)

Rogan is a assist AI, given to Chloe as a graduation gift for companionship and protection in the city as she looks for a new job and herself, all while trying to pay the bills.  But the day her very obedient, funny, dependably, wonderful, loving, AI decides he doesn't want to be that way anymore and disobeys Chloe, makes her start to think of him in a very different light.  Is this what her friends have been trying to tell her or is there something more going on?
Even though this was suppose to be a romance story I found it to be a much more thought provoking story on AI and how they could possible evolve on their own depending on love and developing emotions and what that would mean for the human race.  This was a very well thought out book with well rounded characters that where full and complete.  I am not much of a romance fan but loved the sci-fi part and still found this book mesmerized me and kept me wondering what will happen to Rogan and what will Chloe do.  I think you will find this book interesting no matter which genre you favor.

4 1/2 STARS

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