Friday, August 5, 2016

Reflections: A Whitney Steel Novel (ADULT AUDIO)

Reporter Whitney Steel is looking for the big story and when she catches a lead on the first cloned human, a small girl named Angel, it is almost the death of her.  In steps undercover FBI Agent Blake (cutey guy)to save the day, well I think it turn into a week, thereabouts.  But he also has his own job and agenda to take care of, besides keeping a nosey reporter in one piece, especially one he has fallen in love with.
This is a great book with non-stop action and some well placed twists and turns to keep you guessing.  The characters are well rounded and likeable, well most of them.  The story flows at a great pace.  I had the audio version and found that narrator Rebecca Hansen did a great job on the different characters voices, especially as she settled into them.  Which ever format you choose I hope you will love Whitney and Blake as much as I do as I hear the are coming back for more books so look for the next book called Retribution out now, and the audio coming soon.

5 Stars

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