Thursday, August 18, 2016


It is depression times and the farmers are in the middle of a drought.  Young Robert's brother has disappears and months latter it is like Robert is the only one that remembers his brother even existed.  A odd man shows up in town promising he can make it rain if the towns people help him build a rainmill.  Robert's father signs right up but Roberts uncle refuses not trusting the man.  Things get even stranger from there, but somehow Robert is not affected and must help save his brother, family, friend, and possibly the whole town.
This book started right off with high octane suspense and never stopped.  The characters are all very well put together and very interesting.  I had the audio version which the author narrated himself and did a awesome job.  The different voices for the different characters were really good and he really made the story come alive for me through the eyes of young Robert, it was amazing.  I hope there are more books like this because I really enjoyed this audio and will definitely look for from this author.

5 Stars

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