Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Legendarium (ADULT AUDIO)

Every so often certain people are chosen to protect the Legendarium from the forces that threaten to send the Earth back into darkness.  This generation it is Bombo Dawson, a new author, and Alistair Foley, a reviewer who pretty much hates everything he reads especially Bombo Dawson's  works, that are chosen to protect the Legendarium.  Their adventures take them through the looking glass all the way to Moby Dick, the only book they seem to agree on liking. 
If you like history and literature you will love this  book as it is chalked full of both, although, I have to say I am not much of a fan of both, and I actually loved the book, I guess I loved how the authors brought it to life.  I mean heck you got to love it when Hemmingway wanted to punch Alistair in the nose for messing up his story.  I think this book is quite likely the most overlooked book of our time, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I would also like to thank Robert Rossmann who was the awesome narrator of the audiobook version which I had and was so good I can not speak highly enough of it.  He did such a great job on all of the characters voices and bringing the story (or should I say stories) to life it was great, I really hope Bombo and Alistair come back again.  If the do I'll buy the doughnuts.


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