Friday, August 26, 2016

Eye of Shiva (ADULT AUDIO)

On a mission in the Philippines, Nick finds some odd gold coins and brings one back for Selena to look at, and with this Nick and the team are thrown in the sights of a terrorist group and a dying spy.  The terrorist wants to start a war between Pakistan and India, and the spy wants to return the Eye of Shiva to the rightful owners.  All the while Nick and Selena are still struggling with their relationship.
This is another wonderful project book by Alex Lukeman.  This is a series I am enjoying a lot  and do not want to end! Hear that Mr. Lukeman, please keep on writing.  I love the characters, at least the good guys.  The plots are strong and the scenes are not outrageous like some action books, also the facts are checked well.
I usually get the audiobooks and can not say enough about narrator Jack de Golia he is wonderful and he does the character voices so well, that you just get lost in the book like you are there and part of the team.  it is awesome and I can't wait for the next one.


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