Monday, August 22, 2016

Deranged (ADULT AUDIO)

Sixteen year old Kala is determined that she and her new friends will survive this new zombie epidemic brought on by mosquitos.  But it is not only the Zombies the new world must recover from because in trying to wipeout the disease carrying mosquitos the people have started a major chain reaction of killing off the food supply.  The circle of life has been destroyed, but can it be fixed? Humm, Zika maybe?
This book although sci-fi makes you think about the Zika and what really should be done and how far we should go to eradicate such diseases.  The author is very insightful and has a action packed, suspenseful great book.  Narrator, Melanie Ewbank does a great job on all of the characters, and I just love narrators like her that take the time to make the story.  They read each character as if they are that person at that time and it makes you the listener feel as though you are there in the middle and it is happening right then and it is awesome. Thank you for that experience, I hope to come across more of your works in the future.  Maybe even to see what Kala is up to next.


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