Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The White Dragon 01 Genesis (ADULT AUDIO)

Kasey Byrne's loves the ocean, even from a young age she couldn't resist it's pull, even if it was just to play in the sand and watch the sun come up, until the one morning a strange man gives her a necklace with a amulet.  Fast forward several years to Kasey's 18th birthday, when everything should be perfect, but goes wrong.  Something changes in Kasey, but she is not sure if it is good or bad yet.
Stefan Bolz took a very ordinary world we live in and very literally turned it on its ear, in this very exciting, action packed book.  His way with words lets you see everything in your mind so your not missing a thing.  If you had the audio like I did you also had narrator Hank Garner  using his voice to also help paint that picture for you in which he did a great job.  I can't wait for The White Dragon 02: Crucible to come out on audible as well so I can find out what happens to our ragtag little group.


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