Thursday, October 29, 2015

White Jade The Project Book 1 Adult

When Selena's Uncle is killed over a very old book very few people in the world can even read.  Selena is one of the those few that can help find the book and help translate it.  For that she is thrown into Project's world.  Project is a covert intelligence unit that reports directly to the President (PONTUS).  This becomes a life and death struggle not only for Selena and her Project partner Nick, but also between the United States and China.
This is a great fast paced action thriller, with secrets, adventure, discovery, traps, and weapons around every corner, or at least most corners.  The author does a awesome job to no trivialize when Nick and Selena are forced to take others lives, and I like that, with some other books with agencies and military authors tend to take a very cold approach.  The characters a very well rounded and balance each other out very well.  The story is also well developed and thought out.  Narrator Jack de Golia is awesome putting his spin on the characters voices and giving the story a heartbeat.  his narration has kept me in my car longer than necessary on many occasions.
This book is only the first of many in the Project Series and I can't wait to get more!


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