Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Academy ADULT

The Academy is the awesome second book to the Lost Tales of Power series, and it picks up several years later.  Master Vydor now has a functioning academy in his own realm and plenty of students applying to be accepted there.  At this point in time there is one in particular, James, applying who if is successful in his first initiate years and becomes a student will change his name to Shadow, he has already served in the Imperial Navy and left with honor, and this book will show how his honor is tested again and again and how he does defending it.
I have fallen in love with this series and others of Trigili's.  I wish it hadn't been such a huge time jump , as I really liked Vydor in the first book and missed his younger ever present self.  But quickly became engrossed with James so all is good.  I also like how war and killing is never trivialized in these books, the good guys do have to kill bad guys , but they have to deal with their emotions about those actions afterwards, and that is the reality of war, not what you usually see in movies and such.  The characters are all so well put together, so complex, but each developing so nicely as the book went on and to hear narrator Jack de Golia do the voices was awesome he is such a great narrator bringing out the heartbeat of the story, he just keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time, he is so great.  If all that isn't enough to hook you the action and suspense thrown in should do it for sure, awesome book, awesome series.


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