Monday, October 5, 2015

Apocalypse Meow Meow MG

This was a very cute graphic novel and a the second of the series.  Even though it is cute and just a story about some animals trying to survive after a apocalypse there is more to the story if you look for it.  In this book the dogs need to beat the large kitty to win the twonkies all for themselves and their friends.  Can the dogs do it by themselves or will they need some help from their friends?  This really is a good book and all the animals have such great personalities, the way some of them have banded together to survive this dreaded circumstance, especially for house pets.  But I suggest you first read book one Apocalypse Bow Wow as some of the things in this book where a little confusing since I had not read the first one, but you can get the main story ok without the first book, there are just a few things that pop up that are strange without the first book.  Still loved the book and thing you all will too.


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