Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Banneker Bones and the Giant Robot Bees MG

This book was awesome and I truly believe it is David Radtke, the narrator, of the audio version that made it that way for me, as he as really a wonderful narrator.  But hey, the book was pretty great too, so when does the next one come out Mr. Kent?  We are waiting!  Really I can't wait to see how Ellicott, Reggie, and  Banneker are doing now that the giant robot bees excitement has died down, and Reggie is back safe at home after being kidnapped by the bees.  You see while Ellicott and Banneker happen to be cousins, Reggie is Ellicott's only friend in his new school in fact the whole town of Latimer City that is to be Ellicott's home while attending school at the Latimer Universities Archimedes Program were all three attend school.So Ellicott wants his friend back pretty bad, but what is Banneker's motives?
This book is paced well to keep the readers attention with action around every corner, the characters are well thought out and work well together even when they are not always willing.  Overall this is a great book and audiobook for not just middle graders but for all readers.


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