Friday, October 2, 2015

We'll Never Be Apart YA

This is a very well thought out psychological thriller for young adults.  Poor Allie is back at Savage Isle mental hospital after her twin Celia set fire to a barn and burns her and kills her boyfriend Jason, after escaping from their first stint at Savage Isle.  Allie and Celia, along with Jason, when he could be assigned to the same foster home, have all had tough lives.  So the first time Allie and Celia get sent to Savage Isle is for robbery, no surprise there, but Jason get sent to detention for almost beating the station clerk to death.
The characters are all incredible and well thought out, there is no way this book would work without giving everything away if it didn't.  The storyline is so awesome and well placed I just don't want to give anything away, so, I am going to stop now and just say read it, you'll love it.


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