Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Voyagers: Game of Flames MG

The Alpha crew is back in their second book of the series and they are on their way to collect the second of the elements, Magnus 7, on the planet Meta Prime.  But what they don't know just might hurt them, some things they find out soon enough like the Omega team following them, other things they find out as the book goes along, but hey you should know me by now, no spoilers here, your going to have to read the book to find out all the exciting things that happen to both teams on Meta Prime.
This book keeps up with that awesome action level set by author D.J. McHale in the first Voyagers book Project Alpha and doesn't let up at all.  The character continuity is still working and even Anna might be starting to show a side of maybe she might have made a bad decision, very out of character for her, but a good step.  There are some definite surprises, so this book is not one to be missed by any means as things are really heating up (clue there).  This is a short series of books so you really don't want to miss any of the books or you might be lost in space.  Stay turned, with any luck hopefully, I can keep bringing you more reviews from the rest of the series.


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