Monday, October 12, 2015

Enemy of an Enemy ADULT

What a great book by author Vincent Trigili!  This is an awesome sci-fi/fantasy/Navy book.  His wonderful plot and great characters kept me riveted to the book and asking for the next, ok the really cool spaceships and the fact that I now want to be a dark knight doesn't hurt.  this book had me hooked from the beginning and kept me up past my bedtime reading until it was finished, since it was also available on audible (cheap if you have the kindle book) I got to keep going on the book while I was in the car, the narrator, Jack de Golia, made the book sound awesome as well, sometime it was hard to choose which I would rather do (most of the time I listened, shhh).  I was also very impress by Tragili's knowledge of the Navy and its workings and customs, he had them down.  Really it is a awesome book and audio all the way around well worth it.


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