Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Athel (Mayake Chronicles Part2) YA

Athel is a back with his sister, Akaela and friends and they are on a hunt to find things to help defend their city from the Gaijin.  But in doing so they get wrapped up in a puzzle to find the lost entrance to the underground city of Astraca.  Either way it is a race to save the Mayake people.

In this book you find out more about both races of people as thee is a extra added character that adds a twist to the book.  It is fascinating to watch the characters grow especially Metal Jaw.  Everything blends so wonderfully, these books are so great with all the action and suspense, I can not wait for part three.  If you find yourself like me and can not wait more don't over look Giorgi's two short stories that are set in this world, The Gaijin Girl, and the Tails of the Apocalypse in which the there is a short about Athel's falcon Kael.


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