Friday, November 27, 2015

The CLay Lion YA

The Clay Lion in my opinion is one of the best time travel books for young adults ever!  The well thought out process of not only the theory of time travel but of the consequences of changes in time lines and the understanding the difference between fate and destiny and why things happen for a reason even if we don't understand what it is.  The author goes through major issues of fate, destiny, love, loss, personal choice and grief, all twisted together.  Brooke, the main character, must figure everything out for herself in her life through her trips and grow enough to learn when to let go.  I still don't have the proper words to describe how I feel about this most wonderful book it just kind of left me with my mouth open.  However, this is also another of those awesome books that is hard to talk about for fear I might give something away.  But I will say the audible version was GREAT, the narrator Lorelei King worked magic and really brought the book to life with her wonderful use of voices and obvious love of the book.  She really put some life into the audio, you might not want to get out of the car.


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