Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Game of Lives (The Morality Doctrine Series) YA

Michael is a gamer who loves to game, but what happens when the game becomes real.  When the game you where once playing was fun is now a race for humanity and you are not sure who your friends are anymore.  You only know that you are the only one that can save humanity from that which has escaped from Pandora's proverbial box.

Like the other two books in the Mortality Doctrine series this one is no different, James Dashner will keep you up way past your bedtime reading his face paced, action packed, suspenseful, twist around every corner, thought provoking, page turning book. Written in true Dashner style this book and the others in this series will quickly become favorites of young adults and adults alike just as his Maze Runner series did.  This book will keep you wondering what will James Dashner think of next.


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