Monday, May 22, 2017

The Warrior Monk: A Seventeen Series Short Story (ADULT AUDIO)

This short story is told through the eyes of Brother Yonton a Buddhist Monk, even though his ways most of the time cause his Abbott much grief.  But this time while tracking down leads to another problem the monks are working on he comes across someone much more important and sacred to him and his brothers and what is worse is she seems to tied in somehow to the original problem he was working on as she keeps showing up in all the same places. 
This was one action packed short story, it never stopped.  I loved Yonton from the start and I hope we see more of his brother in the future.  This is another great short story to help the main novels along, a glimpse into the lives of other characters, a tangent if you will.  But all the same awesome.  Narrator of the audiobook, which should not be missed, Michael Bower is great, he puts you right on the streets watching Yonton and Alexa chase each other with matching skills bounding from building to building, watching the two fight back to back with nothing more than a look to know that they are on the same side.  Mr. Bower's is really that good, don't miss out.

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