Friday, May 12, 2017

Fire Water: Black Magic Outlaw Book Five (ADULT AUDIO)

I am coming a little late to Cisco Suarez party as it seems I am jumping in at book five but it is ok as I figured things out pretty fast.  Especially when someone, Connor Hatch, try's to kill you at your daughter birthday party, yeah that kind of warrants a retaliation. Humm, and the black is there too.
Domino Finn has a great series and book on his hands, it is full of action, suspense, and so many twists and turns you will never know what is coming next, and with narrator Neil Hellegers lending his voice to all the characters to make the book into a story told to people in that wonderful way of making people feel as though they are a part of the story themselves just makes it a even better experience.

Oh and Cisco I really hope it is not the end of the line, please I'm late but I do want more.

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