Friday, May 5, 2017

Night Witches: A Novel of World War II (YA)

This is one of the best historical fiction novels I have read for young adults and middle graders.  This is not only one of my favorite periods of time but it also has a women as the main characters and they fly planes, what more could any girl ask for?  It would also be those same girls readers that grew up on author Kathryn Lasky's Guardian of Ga'Hoole series as younger children that would be the ones that would really enjoy this book.  I realize the book is technically labeled young adult, and I think it is because there is some language, but in truth I believe it is nothing middle graders haven't heard or said before, and it is war, people say things and people die.  Valya and the rest of the characters are well thought out as is the backdrop and research, everything comes together like a well oiled U-2 flying through the night.  Thank you Ms. Lasky for bringing a forgotten unit back into a spotlight they never liked so we can all remember them for what they did for all of us.

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