Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Candle Star (MG AUDIO)

I'm not sure where to actually place this one, it is either a coming of age story or a finding her way story or maybe a bit of both, as little southern belle, Emily, has been sent to Detroit to live with her northern Uncle for a bit so he can give her something that her parents were not able to give her, ha ha discipline, for one.  But we also find that her belief in slavery is very different than that of most of the town people that she needs to learn to live with and around.  But there are still some that think like her and would like for her to spy for them, what will Emily do?
This is a very well thought out book with lots of action and suspense and if you get the audio version narrator Fred Wolinsky will keep you on the edge of your seat with his awesome portrayal of all the characters and how he can take you through their world and everything that is going on like you are really there with them, it is so unbelievable.  I really liked this book it showed a different side of the slave issue coming from the north.

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