Friday, May 19, 2017

Slade: Team Greywolf Series Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

Cricket, a runt, works with Team Greywolf passing as a human and collecting evidence.  But because of her low rank she is also chosen to help look after Prince Slade who is suffering after his entire pack was murdered.  Cricket doesn't want to babysit Slade but finds herself falling for him which is bad as a runt and a alpha can never be together.  Complicating things more they are sent together on a mission to investigate missing werewolves and that is where things go very wrong.
This is a fast moving, exciting, action packed, twisting and turning, edge of your seat kind of book, so be prepared.  Slade and Cricket will keep you on your toes and waiting for more after each and every chapter and if you are lucky enough to have the audiobook narrated by Christine Padovan, well than you will know what it is like because she transports you right into their world, you are always right there with Slade and Cricket crying and cheering them on.  Ms. Padovan does such a awesome job, one not to be missed.

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