Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Lucky Dime (ADULT AUDIO)

Hobbs is a professional thief, but he takes on this job even though it is not his usual gig.  But when things go bad and the bomb blows he makes plans to meet up with the girl, him reconnect with the girl, what is wrong with him, what was he thinking?  I guess we will have to get soaked to find out, as Soak is the sequel.

This was just a quick novella to get you in the mood for the upcoming Soak.  It was a great intro to the wonderful Mr. Hobbs, and his girl, Grace.  This fast pace action, suspense, thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat and clamoring for more.  I had the audio narrated by the wonderful author himself, I know sometimes this doesn’t always work out but this time let me assure you it did and was very good, and I hope to be able to hear and review more of his audio sequels in the future.

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