Monday, April 10, 2017

Pound of Flesh (ADULT AUDIO)

Roy Morgan, Atlanta detective by day (ok that is a cliché since detectives work 24/7 for the most part, but hang with me) and ½ demon, ½ warlock by night (see sounds good, huh?).  But today he stopped a robbery that turned out to be a bit more than the normal robbery, turns out the robbers where demons too and they were out to get the district attorney.  So Roy and Gary, Roy’s imp, set out to protect and save her, oh did I mention how pretty she is, sorry guess I forgot.

This is an interesting book, it the first time I think I have read a book with a ½ demon ½ warlock cop with an imp sidekick in it, but it worked out well.  There is a lot of metaphors in the story so prepare yourself but you get used to it pretty fast, it becomes part of Roy’s charm, but I have to say I really wouldn’t mind a Gary for BFF, he is always there in a pinch.  The narrator, James Foster, for the audio version of the book does an awesome job, I hope he as well as Roy and Gary are back soon for more demonly disasters.

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