Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ren a Monster's Death (ADULT AUDIO)

Ren is back and this time the love of his life is fighting for her life against cancer.  So Ren being Ren has decided to take on God and we will have to see if his journey takes him where he hopes his heart wants to go.  In this, the last book of the Ren series I feel like I am losing a part of myself, I have grown to think of Ren as the monster that lives in me, the one I can’t let out, but that inner voice that makes all the snarky comments in my head that if anyone actually heard I would be fired and have very few friends.  He is the person I wish I really could be sometimes but am too nice to ever be.  Ren you are loved and will be missed by so many more people than you will ever know.  This series has been so awesome and such a wild ride I hate to say goodbye so we won’t.  I hope Lucian grows up really fast so there will be many spin offs and soon.  Also, narrator Tim Campbell, is so great, his way with Ren and these stories is phenomenal, if you have never listen to one you have to give it a go, he really is the best around.  There will never be another Ren Lewis.

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