Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sensation A Superhero Novel (ADULT AUDIO)

Jim grew up watching super heroes, and wanted to be one when he grew up, I mean who didn’t at one point in their childhood.  Only thing is Jim had the right stuff to become one, he had super powers, and lots of them.  However, when it became time to try out the  worse happened and he had to go into hiding, Kid Sensation became a Sensation alright, but not in a good way.  But fast forward a few years and now the Kid is just doing things on his own and doing fine, until his mom and grandfather want him to mingle with the other super kids, and that is when things went very wrong again.
This is an awesome superhero book, it is all about superheroes starting out as kids and some of the stress and pressure put on them to succeed.  The character were all so well written and believable in this wonderful action packed, suspenseful, trap set plot that has so many twist and turns you will forget which way it up book.  I had the audio with Mikael Naramore narrating and that made it that much more special.  Mr. Naramore has a way with the characters, he shapes them with his voice so you know who  is who and then sucks you into the story world so you really think you are there right along with Jim and the rest of the gang, it is just wonderful. This is a great book and made that much more awesome as an audio, so if you like superheroes this is a great one for you, I just can’t wait to see what happens to the Super Sensational Gang next.

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