Friday, April 14, 2017


This is a wonderful anthology of a bunch a great authors that came together to scare your pants off so snuggle down with your favorite drink and leave a light on tonight and you just might want another person in the house as you read through some of these stories.

The Nightmare of the Bunnyman 
Michael Bunker
This is really one you want to leave a light on for, don't let Mr. Bunker's easy going manner and nice charm fool you this story is very demented. All I am going to say.

Final Entrance
Nick Cole
We all have that favorite Broadway show or opera, and a few not so much, but how would you feel if the death scene turned real one night, but the actor didn't die  just came close but than had to relive that night every day, over and over. 

RE: Revolution and the Radiant Time
A.K. Meeks
What if growing old didn't happen any more, no more debilitating diseases either, would you do it?  What if there was a backdoor, maybe one the developers didn't tell you about, but someone knows, someone always knows these things?  This story is as much thought provoking as it is scary and disturbing, and defiantly not one to miss.

Precious in thy Sight
Kevin G Summers
"Do you know where you are going to go when you die?" Have you ever heard of a succubus? Well let me introduce you to a musician named Galen and his angel/monster/demon that he accidentally downloaded, yep downloaded and is now stuck with.

This is just four of the amazing authors you will get to read in this anthology that will have you questioning if you should add some more night lights around your house and how many.

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