Friday, June 12, 2015

Serefina and the Black Cloak YA

This book was a little slow to start but give it a chance, it will not disappoint! It picks up speed like a train and never lets up, it was full speed all the way to the end.  Even though it was fairly predictable as to who done it, as they say, there is so much more to this book that you won't stop reading it, you will want to find the answers to all your other questions.  I was drawn to this book by my own love of the hills of North Carolina and the Biltmore House.  I have family that live in North Carolina and they talk of the Biltmore's and the Estate often and with great fondness so I wanted to review this book for my nieces and I am sure they will love this book as much as I do (as soon as I buy it for them).
Serafina is a girl of the night, she is CRC (Chief Rat Catcher) of the Biltmore Estate.  But one night she sees I a different kind of rat, one that steals little children, and wears a black cloak.  It goes after Serafina but she is to clever to get caught.  But as the adults of the estate are searching for the lost (stolen) children, Serafina breaks her fathers biggest rule by making herself seen and talking to one of the people from upstairs, and if that isn't bad enough it happens to the nephew of the house owner, Braeden Biltmore.  Serafina tells Braeden about what she saw and they become quick friends and cohorts in the rush to solve who is behind the black cloak and how to stop him.  Especially, since it seems that Black Cloak is out to get Braeden.  Can Serafina stop Black Cloak before it gets her only friend, and is it still possible to rescue the other children?


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