Sunday, June 7, 2015

More Happy Than Not YA

When I took on this book I was not asked to write about the book but actually asked to write what makes me More Happy Than Not?

You see the main character in the book Aaron lives in a tenement in the Bronx his dad committed suicide and his mother is overworked.  He has a girlfriend and some other good friends, but still has a hard time dealing with things.  He meets Thomas from another tenement and that is great until he starts having strange feelings for his new friend, that make things even more difficult.  Enter the Leteo Institutes memory-relief procedure, that will make Aaron more happy than not.

So what makes ME more happy than not?  Family.  Recently I have had two days that have made me more happy than not, let me explain.  Coming from military families and having been in the military myself (hubby too) family gatherings are pretty much non-existent.  Also, I suffer from chronic migraines, so that is self explanatory.  But as I was saying I have had two very awesome days recently.  The first was my moms retirement from teaching after 40 years, it brought my brothers (from another mother) all 3 of them, and my real brother of course, from all over, together for the first time since my dad died over ten years ago, it was awesome and pain free.  It was such a great time for all, sure hope mom enjoys her retirement once summer is over and she doesn't have to mow her three acres til next year.
The second day, was when we got a chance to get together with my husbands side of the family, there were four generations in my house at one time, how awesome is that! Also a pain free day.  After all of the years of not being able to get together it happened twice in one month!
Family is great and our family has learned though separation and loss to not take it for granted - to make every moment count because it can be taken away in a blink of a eye.  So make those time together More Happy Than Not!

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