Saturday, June 13, 2015

Secret Coders MG

This book was great as it taught the simplicity of coding and that anyone can do it.  Working in IT myself I absolutely love this!  So many people say, "I could never do that", but if they see it this way I know they will feel different, just the way Hooper did when Eni explained it to her.
This book follows Hooper, Eni and we can't forget Turtle as they try to expose the secrets of their school by unlocking the clues that are given to them through the codes (the kind used for programming computers).  Can they do it or will they have to leave their school forever?
My only dislike is that is seemed the author left you hanging to much at the end of the book.  I was disappointed that it left off so early and will make me buy the next book to see what happens.  I would have bought the next book even if it were just another adventure because I liked the first one so much.  I suppose I feel a little cheated this way, that is the only reason for the lowered star.


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