Thursday, June 18, 2015

Noah Zarc Cataclism MG

Noah and his friends are back at it, trying to save the world, well maybe the universe.  Noah has strange dream and when he goes investigate them of course Haon is behind it all.  Haon needs Noah's help to time travel, and only Noah can do it, and he needs to do it to save Earth.  But what exactly destroyed Earth all those years ago to begin with is Noah's biggest question.
This was another wonderful book by D. Robert Pease.  It is exciting and fast paced, it will keep the attention of anyone.  with the space travel and space time continuum it all sounds confusing but with Mr. Pease masterful writing everyone can enjoy the book. 
As Noah races to find out about his father, Haon, and his true intentions, not to mention save the Zarc name from one of the universes most horrifying events, but will it prove to be to much for a thirteen year old boy?

If you ever get the chance David Radke is the narrator of audio version and he does a amazing job!!! Well worth the money on audible.


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