Saturday, March 7, 2015

Travels With Gannon and Wyatt: Ireland MG

This was a really good book about twins Gannon and Wyatt that get to travel with their parents as their parents jobs (mom: flight attendant and dad: art entrepreneur) allow.  However, they do have to keep a detailed journal and do some kind of volunteer work that will help them get more in touch with their Irish roots.  They choose to work on a farm like their great grandparents use to do before coming to America, but soon find their talents are better used to help to save the 100 year old farm, than spreading manure in the fields.  There is something killing the crops and making the animals sick but can Gannon and Wyatt use all their scientific, wilderness, and gift of gab skills to bring justice and save the farm?
This is a great non stop adventure book! It also mixes a lot of fun facts and pictures about Ireland so there is some secret learning that can be had along the way.  The chapters alternate between the boys, Wyatt the scientist, and Gannon the one more interested in culture, history and humanities, so you get a well rounded look at the subject.  But both boys love travel, and adventure, but trouble seems to follow them everywhere they go.  This book will keep you on your toes with the insane mystery, action, thugs, being lost in the forest, falconry (Oscar is the coolest), and all the great information on Ireland that will make you wish you were there yourself.  The book is awesome for anyone who likes nonstop action, and anyone who is interested in travel to foreign places.  This is a great book and series for any middle grader.


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