Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Challenging Job MG

This is a great book for adventurous emerging readers.  Bob is a boy who has taken it upon himself to protect the ocean and the animals in it, however, he knows there is still a lot to learn and that is what he does throughout the book.  You see Bob nervous and unsure about himself and some of the tasks he is ask to do, but he perseveres with the help of his animal friends, and what wonderful advise they give, that can can be awesome for everyone, especially the readers.
Although, Bob's job is a dream for me and every kid out there, the message behind the story is a awesome one and that is what makes this story so appealing to me. But the story is a great one on it's own and will be very appealing to most children, especially those interested in the ocean and ocean animals, there are so wonderful learning facts in the book as well about the animals and the ocean as well as the positive life lessons.  I give this book thumbs up all around as I think all emerging readers or parents reading to their children are going to eat this book and series up.


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