Sunday, March 29, 2015

Strange Skies YA

Tora is rescued from the Consulates hold, but not before she finds out her father is also alive and held in their grasp.  Tora and others in the resistance must save him and his weapons before they fall into the Consulates hands and can be used against them and  seal the Consulates reign forever, but are all the people in the resistance there for the right reasons and to help Tora, her father, and her friends?
This is the second book in the Burn Out series, and this one does not disappoint it to is full of action and suspense.  Tora, the main character, is a very strong female that will do what needs to be done but doesn't always agree with the violent way if there are other alternatives available.  All the characters in the book mesh well with each other and show a wide variety of personalities, which can make the resistor camp a very interesting place at times.  But don't get me wrong there is no shortage of fighting, hiding, running, shooting, and a little flying, oh and don't forget with Lucy around there will always be licking.


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