Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Legacy Human (Sigularity #1) YA

This is a awesome book set in the future where some humans have been ascended and are now immortal and have a higher level of creativity.  Many years ago all humans had the choice to ascend but the world became to overpopulated and the practice had to be stopped, now the only was to ascend is to win a gold medal in the new kind of Olympic games,  and that is what Eli is going to do, not for himself but for his deathly sick mother.  But is he good enough to win?
The characters in this book work so well together, but still come across as normal teens no matter what decade you live in.  However, the details of our future world leads you to believe you are there yourself, living and suffering with them.  There is a little romance, what ya book doesn't have some, but even I could deal with it and it is by no means the focus of the book, so it is OK.  I am not sure exactly what genre you would really fit this book in as it could fit into so many and that is great because so many more people will fall into love with the book and the series.
This book is pure suspense from the start and never lets up.  I am not sure at what point I was totally sucked in as it just kind of happened and it was totally a wonderful thing we had a big snow storm or it would have been hard getting up and going to work as I read way past my bedtime and I didn't even know it.

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